2017 and Me

Ah, 2017.  It’s hard for me to believe that it’s already March.  Time really is relative – a few months in time is an ever-decreasing percentage of our total lifetime, and it certainly seems to fly by now!  Many of my New Year’s Resolutions are under way, but I’ve avoided and neglected the blog.  There were many reasons for that (hosting issues, code issues, db issues), but in the end, I suppose they are really just excuses.   Normally, that might bother me – but considering how I’ve prioritized things this year, I’m really not sweating it.  In fact, I will outright state Continue reading “2017 and Me”

Hello world!

All previous blog posts have been removed – I may bring some back as random “highlights” if there were something deserving, but it’s not likely.  I’m starting fresh in 2017, and updates will not be consistent yet.  Lots of work to do still, with upcoming blogs focusing more on cooking and training and less focus on photography.  Things can change fast, but I’m starting to understand myself more.  It’s been a long time coming, but peace and clarity are nice on any day.