Ah, 2018 is Here! Good-bye, Old Me

Yikes – we’re already in February and I haven’t updated this site in a while.  I can provide all kinds of excuses, but there’s nobody else responsible for this content other than myself – what’s worse, I wasn’t even running for a few months. I was frustrated, stressed, and depressed, with limited outlets to vent.  Blogging probably would have been a good idea, but now it’s a missed opportunity for me.  I just let my priorities slip and didn’t take action, feeling a bit lost.  I’ve been contemplating some directional changes and think it’s time to start taking action.  I spent far too long in “analysis paralysis,” trying to plan and make decisions for my 2018 goals – but in the end, I need to kick off the rust and just do it.  To perform is to act, period, and that’s all there is to it… at least I am starting my blog posts a month ahead of when I did last year O_O.

Motivation is a fickle, unreliable, and fleeting thing – we should never count on motivation to see us through.  The question isn’t how to keep yourself motivated, it’s how to train yourself to work hard without it.

Being my first post in 2018, it’ll be rather verbose, but at least it’s far earlier in the year than.  Please bear with me! I’ll continue to improve and streamline my content as the year continues.   You may already be aware that I set some challenging goals for myself in 2017.  I was mildly successful, but had to move some goalposts due to injury. That experience of both success and frustration is providing additional motivation for me this year.  I’ve also learned a lot through the process, and have grown mentally and physically.  Someone much wiser than me told me, “For every set back, there’s a come back,” and while I like that, it’s only true if we continue to make it true.  If we spend time pitying ourselves, or quit, it’s just wasted time.  Why waste time thinking or worrying about things that cannot be changed?  Focus on what *can* be done, and move forward.  I’m certainly looking forward to what is possible in 2018, so let’s get down to the brass tacks.

Where did I end up with my 2017 goals?

  • 1000 miles challenge (ilovetorun.org) : Run, walk, crawl, etc., a total of 1000 miles for the year.
    • How did I do? :  Looking back at my Runkeeper activities, I ran 577.1 miles, and walked 208.1, for a total of 785.2 miles – 214.8 miles/22% shy of my target.  My goal was stopped short when I quit running for the most part in September.  I had a foot injury which led to a disastrous run in the Napa Half Marathon, after which I took a break to recover.  When that wasn’t enough, I had to get a walking boot for my foot.  After a few more weeks of recovery, I attempted to train but simply could not – it was time to listen to my body and go in for more physical therapy.  After weeks of PT, though, we finally identified the real issue (my left knee/quad), and I’ve been working towards running since then.  On Dec 30, 2017, I did my first walk/run workout in months.  It was tough, but felt good just to move again.  On Jan 7, I ran most of a 5k (and walked a bit), the SF Hot Chocolate run.  I was so happy to be able to run again, albeit slowly.  2 years ago, I never would have expected to feel so good about running again, and now?  Now it’s one of the few pleasures in life that really gives me a boost.  If you’d like to check my Runkeeper, please add “KungFuRocket,” and the same for my IG.  I’m weak on the content and selfies, but know that I need to broadcast and network more.
  • 12 new recipes used
    • I love cooking, and I have lots of cookbooks.  My goal is to try at least one new recipe per month for the year, and not remain in my “comfort zone” of recipes that I’m used to making.
      • How did I do? : Setting a goal of 12 new recipes sounded relatively easy -a low-hanging fruit, if you will… but I did struggle, ultimately failing to meet my own target. When stress drums up, and life gets so busy, it’s hard to step outside of a comfort zone and go through the process of a new recipe.  I need to be more vigilant.  I used 10 new recipes, 2 shy of my target – mostly because I stopped thinking about new recipes for the past few months.  I will loop this in with one of my new 2018 goals, and supply photos and blogs about the recipes and new ones to come.
  • Complete at least one new Udemy course
    • I lined up several interesting Udemy courses, but had been procrastinating. I committed to completing at least one of my courses in 2017.
      • How did I do? : I completed three courses – SAN, leadership, and a photography refresher course, with a few more I’ve queued up set for 2018.  I’m still working through Python, but that’s taken a backburner to some other projects I’ve jumped into.  I think Python is neat (and useful), but I have other areas to focus on as a priority.
  • 12 blog posts for the year
    • Initially stated so I could post more regularly
      • How did I do? : Well.. uh.. not good.  I only made 4 posts for 2017. I’m re-stating this goal for 2018 and need to kick my game up a notch.  It’s not a matter of motivation, it’s a matter of discipline. There are plenty of things I can post, but for now I need to not worry so much about how they are received.  I need to build the habit of regular content, with focus on quality and relevance.
  • 2 “photo challenges” completed
    • Since photography has dropped in priority for me, I wanted to circle back and ensure I completed at least 2 photo challenges.
      • How did I do? : I completed a 7 day challenge and not much else.  I have been struggling with inspiration for photos, so a photo challenge should be a good idea.  I let myself slip on this one, but I do not currently have any plans to hold this one in 2018.  I have other priorities to focus on first.
  • 1 half marathon complete by end of July
    • I set this goal in December, 2016.  It seemed insurmountable to me, and I wanted to give myself plenty of ramp-up time to train and prepare for something of this nature – both mentally and physically.
      • How did I do? : Completed, with several hundred miles before and after done in training.  Ultimately ended the year with 3 half marathons completed (SF, Santa Rosa, Napa Valley).
  • 3 miles within 30 minutes by end of year
    • I know I’m slow, so I wanted to aim for a 10-minute mile pace by end of year.  In my initial “runs” I was about the same speed as walking, and I thought I would never be able to do 10-minute miles for any amount of time – it was pretty embarrassing but you know what? It doesn’t matter.  Everyone has to start somewhere, right?
      • How did I do? : I surprised myself a bit here – knocked it out of the park in March.


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